Do I Need a Houston Elopement Photographer?

August 9, 2022 | Morteza Safataj
Do I Need a Houston Elopement Photographer?

Eloping used to mean running away to get secretly married, but in 2022, it just means having a private wedding. Less stress is involved—no family politics, worrying about others, spending thousands of dollars, etc.—and elopement also means focusing on the couple and their unique way of celebrating love. 

And a private wedding is just as important as a big traditional wedding! That’s why you need a Houston elopement photographer to capture the joy of the day you made a lifelong commitment to your significant other, and we’re here to review all the details of planning a Houston elopement!

How to Plan an Elopement in Houston

Marriage License

The first step in planning your elopement is getting your marriage license. The rules and fees will vary depending on what state and county you live in, but for Houston residents in Harris County, you can apply in person in a county clerk’s office. You will need a valid form of identification (driver’s license, birth certificate, social security card, passport, etc.), and it will cost $74

The marriage license will then need to be signed and returned within 90 days to receive the official marriage license. 

Wedding Attire

While your ceremony may be lowkey, you and your partner should still dress to the nines for the joyous special occasion and to slay your elopement photography! Find your dress, rent your tuxedo, or thrift an outfit that uniquely expresses you and your boo. It’s all up to what the two of you want!

If you plan on exchanging rings, you should also have those picked out, ordered, and fitted before your ceremony. It will depend on the wedding bands you get, but you should start this process of shopping about three to four months and purchase six weeks before your ceremony. 

Flowers are also up to your choice. You can pick up your favorite bouquet on display at your local florist or take some more time and thought into crafting a unique wedding bouquet for your Houston elopement

If you also want a professional to do your or your partner’s hair and makeup, you should book them in advance. Most should offer consultation to know what look you want, tell you how much time it will take, and quote for the services. 

Book Your Team

Speaking of booking professional services, you should definitely have a wedding date picked out before anything else. Picking the date first, or at least early on in the process, ensures that you have time for all other services and items you will need for the ceremony. 

Another key imponent for an elopement is an officiant. Under Texas law, a licensed or ordained minister, priest, rabbi, justice of the peace, and most judges can perform a marriage ceremony. Don’t worry; if you have someone special in your life who wants to marry you and your partner, most people can become wedding officiants in Texas

Then, you need your elopement photographer! The photographer will capture moments of joy and love before, during, and after the ceremony. The photos, and potential videos, will be the perfect keepsake to reminisce on your special day. 

Houston elopement outdoors


Location, Location, Location

Where you tie the knot matters! Not only because it’s a memorable day but because you want your photos to be stunning. The following is a list of options. 

At Home Elopements

Your home is a special place. Not only will this make the venue very affordable, but it will allow you two to be comfortable in an intimate, sweet, and private setting.

Courthouse Elopements

The courthouse is a classic location for a private wedding. If you go here, you will have a judge ready to marry you, and outside the courthouse could be a wonderful elopement photography location. 

Museum District Elopements

Houstonian couples can also utilize the elegant, artistic, and unique appearance of the Museum District. Your elopement photographer can pose you in front of gorgeous garden locations across Hermann Park or locations in or around the many museums and beautiful architecture. 

Outdoor Elopements

If you and your partner are fans of the great outdoors, Houston has many outdoor locations for natural, rustic, and romantic vibes. Houston Arboretum, McGovern Centennial Gardens, and Buffalo Bayou are just a few of your choices.

If you’re not sure where you want to get married, your Houston wedding photographer can help suggest a beautiful setting.

black and white elopement photo

Let Said Yes Studios Capture the Magic

Said Yes Studios can provide the perfect photo and video package for intimate wedding moments. Contact us today to get a customized quote!

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