Wedding Photo Trends in 2024

February 15, 2024 | Morteza Safataj
Wedding Photo Trends in 2024

As you and your partner prepare to tie the knot this year, we’re here to guide you through the wedding photo trends of 2024 that will help capture the one-of-a-kind magic of your big day!

Erinn dances the night away


Blurred Action Wedding Photography

Blurred action wedding photography has become increasingly popular due to its ability to inject energy and spontaneity into wedding photos. By intentionally capturing movement and motion blur, this style adds a dynamic and lively element to images, conveying the excitement and joy of the moment.

Disposable Cameras

Disposable cameras have become a top wedding photo trend in 2024 due to their nostalgic appeal, interactive nature, and ability to capture candid moments. Couples appreciate the vintage aesthetic and sense of community as guests participate in documenting the celebration. The anticipation of waiting for developed photos adds to the charm, creating lasting memories of genuine moments from the day.

bridesmaid helping a bride get dressed

Documentary Photography

Unlike traditional posed photographs, documentary-style photography focuses on telling the story of the wedding day as it unfolds naturally, capturing genuine emotions, interactions, and details. This approach resonates with couples who prioritize authenticity and storytelling in their wedding images, valuing the raw and unscripted moments over staged poses. Documentary photography allows couples to relive the genuine emotions and atmosphere of their wedding day for years to come, creating a timeless and meaningful visual narrative of their love story.

Drone Photography

In 2024 wedding photography trends, drone photography has emerged as a popular trend in wedding photography for its ability to capture stunning aerial perspectives of the wedding venue and surrounding landscapes, especially for destination weddings. Couples are drawn to this innovative approach because drone shots have the ability to add a unique and cinematic flair to their wedding albums. Drone wedding photography provides breathtaking views that traditional wedding photography cannot capture, offering a fresh and dynamic way to document the beauty of the wedding day. 

Film Photography

Film photography has experienced a resurgence as a popular trend in wedding photography, appealing to couples seeking a timeless and nostalgic aesthetic for their special day. Unlike digital photography, the film captures images with a distinct warmth, grain, and character that evokes a sense of romance and authenticity. Couples are drawn to the rich colors, soft tones, and unique textures produced by film, which lend a timeless quality to their wedding photos and only enhance the retrospective view of the ceremony. Additionally, film photography encourages a more deliberate and thoughtful approach to capturing moments, as each frame is limited and precious. This slower pace fosters a deeper connection between the wedding photographer and the subject, resulting in more intimate and emotive images. 

Direct Flash Photography

Direct flash photography has gained popularity in wedding photography in 2024 for its ability to create bold and dramatic lighting effects. Unlike diffused or bounced flash, direct flash involves pointing the camera’s flash directly at the subject, producing strong, harsh lighting that can add depth and contrast to images. This style is particularly effective in low-light environments such as indoor wedding venues or evening receptions, where it helps illuminate the scene and freeze motion, capturing candid moments with clarity and impact. 

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Elevated Photo Sets

Elevated or fantastical photo sets have become a popular trend in wedding photography, allowing couples to create imaginative and visually stunning images that transport them to another world. These photo sets often involve elaborate props, costumes, and scenic backdrops that evoke a sense of fantasy and enchantment, turning wedding photos into works of art. From fairy-tale-inspired settings to whimsical landscapes, couples are embracing the opportunity to infuse their wedding albums with creativity and imagination.

Cathy and Stephen exit to a flurry of bubbles.


Bubbles have emerged as a whimsical and enchanting trend in wedding photography in 2024, adding a playful and romantic touch to couples’ special day. Bubbles offer a unique and ethereal quality to photo sessions, filling the frame with shimmering orbs of light that evoke a sense of wonder and celebration. Whether blown by guests during the ceremony exit or as a fun activity during the reception, bubbles add a sense of movement and dynamism to images, capturing candid and spontaneous moments of happiness and love.

True-to-Color Editing

True-to-color editing has become a favored approach in wedding photography, emphasizing natural and authentic tones that accurately reflect the ambiance and emotions of the day. This editing style eschews heavy filters and exaggerated color grading in favor of preserving the genuine hues and nuances of the wedding environment. By maintaining true-to-color editing, photographers aim to capture the essence of the event as it unfolded, ensuring that the images evoke a sense of realism and timelessness.

Ashley and Kevin lovingly stare into each other's eyes.

Under-the-Veil Wedding Portraits

Under-the-veil wedding portraits have become a cherished wedding photo trend, offering couples a romantic and intimate way to capture their love and connection. These portraits, taken beneath the bride’s veil, create a sense of privacy and closeness, allowing couples to share a tender moment away from the hustle and bustle of the wedding day. Under the veil, portraits often highlight the couple’s emotional expressions and subtle gestures, conveying the depth of their bond in a soft and dreamy setting.

Nighttime Couple Sessions let the couple shine on their special night.

Say “Yes” to Photos You’ll Love for a Lifetime

From whimsical bubble-filled celebrations to intimate under-the-veil portraits, the possibilities for capturing your unique love story are endless. At Said Yes Studios, we understand the importance of preserving these precious memories in stunning and one-of-a-kind photographs. 

Our team of talented photographers specializes in capturing the essence of your wedding day with authenticity and artistry, ensuring that every emotion, detail, and cherished moment is beautifully preserved for generations to come. Trust Said Yes Studios to transform your wedding day into a visual masterpiece you’ll treasure forever. Say “yes” to unforgettable memories and reach out to our team today!

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