Ashley + Kevin

Kevin dips Ashley as they dance on their wedding day.
The Carriage House at Magnolia proved as a beautiful setting for their photoshoot.
Ashley and Kevin are seen on a swing as they share a beautiful moment.
Ashley and Kevin lovingly stare into each other's eyes.
Kevin scoops his bride off her feet.
Ashley and Kevin's wedding day was blessed with beautiful sunlight.
Ashley and Kevin lovingly embrace
The Carriage House at Magnolia was a beautiful location for a wedding
Kevin smiles as he reclines on a vintage car
Ashley and Kevin celebrate their marriage in a vintage car
Kevin and his groomsmen stand together.
Kevin's groomsmen jokingly carry him.
Ashley and Kevin are photographed during their first dance.
A personalized pocket watch was gifted to Kevin by Ashley.
Ashley and Kevin's wedding was decorated beautifully.
Ashley and her father are seen walking down the aisle.
Ashley and Kevin share their first kiss.
Ashley and Kevin are seen in a tender moment.
Ashley and Kevin are toasted by their maid of honor.
Ashley and Kevin dance the night away.
Ashley and Kevin dance their first dance.
Ashley is seen dancing with her father.
Kevin whisk Ashley away at the end of the night.
Ashley and Kevin drive away after their special night.

March 31, 2018

Wedding Day – The Carriage House at Magnolia
Love is the twinkling of lights scattered among trees at twilight, the comfort found in an antique farm truck, magical and familiar in the same breath.

Ashley and Kevin were made for each other—you can just tell by the way they look at one another. Starting with the personal gift Ashley gave to Kevin before the ceremony, there were so many unique and emotional moments throughout this day, especially the father-daughter dance between Ashley and her dad. This was one of the most emotional moments I’ve ever photographed because even though they were both crying you could see that her father’s tears were from happiness. A love like what this couple shares really is a love made to stand the test of time.