Cat + Hunter

Hunter set up a romantic picnic for his proposal to Cat
Cat and Hunter's romantic picnic in Galveston, Texas.
Hunter got down on one knee and asked Cat to marry him
Cat said Yes. She smiles with her ring.
A beautiful sky frames Cat and Hunter as they kiss
Cat and Hunter kiss by the water
Cat and Hunter hold hands under a beautiful sunset
what to wear for engagement photo
Cat and Hunter celebrate with a kiss
Cat and Hunter embrace as they celebrate their engagement.
Cat and Hunter smile in celebration of their engagement.
Galveston engagement photoshoot
A black and white photo of Cat and Hunter holding hands.
A black and white photo of Cat and Hunter celebrating
Cat and Hunter dance on the beach
Cat and Hunter toast their engagement.
Wildflowers frame Cat and Hunter as they smile

September 12, 2020

Surprise Proposal – Galveston
Love, much like standing at the edge of the ocean, has a way of making you realize what it means to be on the precipice of something breathtaking, wild, and bigger than yourself.

I met Cat and Hunter in a fitness class several years ago, and since then, Cat has always told me that she can’t wait for Hunter to propose and for me to capture that special moment on camera. When Hunter reached out to let me know he was finally going to propose, I couldn’t have been any happier for them. Everything was set up in Galveston to surprise Cat with this gorgeous table for two in the sand. I admire these two so much, and it was such a privilege to witness the joy of two people fitting together perfectly.