Cathy + Stephen

Shirley Acres was a beautiful wedding venue
Cathy's wedding dress was beautiful
Cathy's mom adds the finishing touches to her wedding day look
Cathy gets teary eyed before the wedding
Cathy and her mom share a tender moment
Cathy steps out for her wedding
Stephen smiles as his tie is being tied.
Cathy smiles as she steps out towards her wedding venue.
Stephen stands outside of the wedding venue.
Cathy opens the curtains to let the light shine on her wedding dress.
Stephen smiles with joy
The flower girls walk down the aisle.
The guest wait for the bride and groom
Stephen sheds tears as the bride walks down the aisle
Cathy walks down the aisle with her dad.
Cathy and Stephen's wedding ceremony
Cathy and Stephen hold hands during their wedding ceremony
Cathy and Stephen exchange vows.
Cathy and Stephen write a message to their guest
A close up of Cathy's hands.
Cathy and Stephen stand by a wedding sign.
Cathy reads her wedding vows.
Cathy and Stephen share their first kiss.
Cathy and Stephen walk down the aisle.
Cathy and Stephen smile together after their wedding ceremony
Stephen lovingly dips Cathy
Cathy and Stephen are full of joy
Cathy and Stephen laugh together
Cathy and Stephen kiss
Cathy and Stephen lovingly hold hands.
A beautiful wedding cake for the newlyweds.
A wooden cake topper for the Mr & Mrs.
A wooden heart with a handwritten her comes the bride
The newly weds wedding bands in their box
Two glasses of champagne for the newlyweds.
Cathy and Stephen share their first dance.
Cathy and Stephen cut their wedding cake.
Cathy and Stephen kiss as they cut the cake
Cathy and Stephen raise a glass of champagne.
Cathy sheds a tear during the wedding toast.
The wedding night was full of dancing
Cathy and Stephen exit to a flurry of bubbles.
Cathy and Stephen lovingly look into each other's eyes.
Cathy and Stephen kiss under the bubbles.
Cathy and Stephen celebrate their wedding

October 5, 2019

Wedding Day – Shirley Acres
Love is the music of a shared laugh, the catch in your breath when you see their face, the tiny moments of joy that stitch two people together.

Cathy and Stephen’s big day was filled with so many magical moments. The couple was so full of joy and energy as they prepared to embark on this new journey together. Their ceremony, reception, and venue were all absolutely stunning, and they created an incredible background for these photos. Between the mother of the bride seeing Cathy in her wedding dress and Stephen’s joyful tears when he had the first glimpse of his wife-to-be walking down the aisle, their wedding was full of special moments to remember.