Chantelle + Hermann

Rose petals fall as Hermann proposes
Chantelle said yes!
Chantelle and Hermann embrace on a bridge
Hermann dips Chantelle
Chantelle and Hermann share an intimate moment on the bridge.
11.21.2020 Chantelle + Hermann - Lovestory-06
Chantelle and Hermann celebrate their engagement.
Chantelle and Hermann kiss after the proposal.
The beautiful park frames the newly engaged couple
Chantelle and Hermann kiss by a tree.
Chantelle and Hermann hold hands as they walk through the park
Chantelle and Hermann embrace after the proposal.
Beautiful trees and greenery frame the smiling couple
Chantelle and Hermann walk across the bridge

November 21, 2020

Surprise Proposal & Engagement Session – Hermann Park
The thing about falling in love is that you land somewhere in the middle of forever without realizing it had even begun.

Herman contacted me before this shoot and told me he wanted to hire a photographer for his surprise proposal, which he was equal parts excited and nervous about. He envisioned Chantelle staring off through the archway and then turning around as he kneeled down to propose with rose petals raining down around them. This was a difficult shot to capture in a single frame with the wind blowing and the element of surprise to maintain, but we were so excited to see the final results!