Ely + Josh

Josh holds the car door for Ely
Ely and Josh smile in this engagement photo
Ely and Josh smile on the Ferrari for this engagement photo
Ely and Josh hold hand and smile
Ely and Josh's love is made clear in this photoshoot.
Ely and Josh share a kiss in the vintage Ferrari.
The sun shines down on Ely and Josh
Ely and Josh are photographed by a tree
Josh leans in to kiss Ely
Ely and Josh lovingly embrace
Josh holds Ely close as they both smile
Ely and Josh lovingly look into each others eyes
Ely and Josh are clearly meant for one another
South Blvd. was a beautiful location for Ely and Josh's engagement session.

January 31, 2021

Engagement Session – South Blvd.
Love is driving into the sunset with the roof down, feeling the kiss of the evening air on your skin, as you begin your journey towards forever.

Josh and Ely were so flexible and comfortable with each other and with the camera that this shoot never felt like work. The two were so candid in front of the camera, and it was such a joy to witness them enjoying these moments with each other. All of their photos feel so in the moment and unposed, which is the best way to pose photos that feel natural and show true emotions on film. From the beautiful couple to the stunning location and the unique vintage Ferrari, this shoot exemplifies the classic love story with a modern twist.