Lin + Dustin

Lin's wedding dress stands out beautifully in the forest
Lin and Dustin stand together in the distance holding hands.
Lin pets a beautiful horse
Lin in a beautiful wedding dress shines in the sun light
Lin and Dustin lovingly hold hands
Lin smiles lovingly at Dustin
Dustin dips Lin in for a romantic moment
A larger view of Lin and Dustin's romantic dip and kiss
Lin and Dustin stroll through WG Jones State Forest
Lin holds the train of her beautiful wedding dress
Lin and Dustin look back at the camera smiling with joy
Dustin holds Lin close as they smile at the camera
The light and scenery of WG Jones State Forest was a beautiful background for Lin and Dustin's special day
A close up look of Lin's beautiful dress and train
Lin and Dustin lean in for a kiss
Lin and Dustin stand in front of a lake
A Texas wedding would be incomplete without boots. Lin and Dustin are no exception

January 8, 2018

Pre-Wedding Session – W G Jones State Forest
The only force more beautiful and pure than a connection made with nature is a connection to one another.

Lin and Dustin’s pre-wedding session was such a beautiful day, in every sense of the word, for such a beautiful couple. The couple wanted a unique and remote location to capture these intimate moments on film, and I think it’s safe to say that this location fits the bill for everything on their list. Between the light filtering through the trees and the haziness you only see deep in the woods, this shoot was absolutely magical.