May + Pedro

May and Pedro embrace as a car passes by in the background of Downtown Houston
Romantic engagement photo of May and Pedro in front of a beautiful building.
Pedro carries May into a romantic embrace
May and Pedro kiss with downtown skyscrapers in the background.
May and Pedro lovingly look into each other's eyes
May and Pedro kiss in front of a glasses building in downtown Houston
May and Pedro walk down a busy Downtown Houston street
Tender moments between May and Pedro during this engagement photoshoot.
Pedro dips May for a romantic and loving kiss.
May and Pedro hold hands and smile
Pedro gives May and adorable kiss on the forehead

May 8, 2021

Engagement Session – Downtown Houston
Love exists in the intersection of getting swept off your feet and getting swept up in each other.

May and Pedro are a photographer’s dream couple—they were so laid back and flexible collaborating with me to get the perfect shots. But even more importantly, they didn’t hold back their emotions for a second. In every photo, it’s easy to see how in love these two are with one another. Staying local, the streets of Downtown Houston created a remarkable backdrop for this architecture-loving couple’s engagement shoot. And despite the skyscrapers they’re standing amongst, their love was the biggest and most magnificent thing in the city that day.