Olga + Amol

Olga's red dress shines beautifully in the sunlight
Olga and Amol hold hands with the trees of Memorial park in the background
A close up of the engaged couple, Olga and Amol
Olga and Amol hold hands surrounded in golden fall leaves
A close up of the couple holding hands shows the beautiful art on Olga's arm and hand
Amol and Olga embrace lovingly
Olga leans against a beautiful tree at Memorial Park in Houston
Amol lovingly dips Olga
Olga's red dress stands out among the gold leaves and trees.
Olga and Amol share a tender moment
Olga holds Amol
The couple, Olga and Amol, stand together under a tree
Olga shows off the beauty of her dress
Amol leans in to kiss Olga
Olga and Amol share a romantic moment under a glowing sun
Olga and Amol stroll the beautiful Memorial Park
Amol and Olga kiss
Olga and Amol's wedding day photoshoot in Memorial Park was truly special

December 25, 2020

Wedding Ceremony & Couple Session – Meenakshi Temple & Memorial Park
Hand in hand, heart in heart, love is a celebration of all the ways we fit so perfectly into the imperfections of one another.

Olga and Amol’s wedding was such a beautiful blend of cultures, and it was interesting to see how excited the bride was about the culture of a Hindu wedding ceremony. They requested a location with bold colors and lots of natural foliage, which complemented the traditional Hindu wedding attire. The couple was very calm, relaxed, and easy to work with during their shoot, and the gorgeous weather in Memorial Park made this a picture-perfect day for this photogenic couple.